My Norwegian summer

This auspicious summer – for many reasons I feel 2014 is a year of many ends and many new beginnings for me – I was grateful to accept the invitation of a really good friend, and come to Norway to work.

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been sleeping and waking up every day in a small charming guesthouse in the middle of the mountains and forests of Jostedal, called Nigardsbreen Gjesteheim. There’s a lot of work, but the place is beautiful, the garden green and cosy, and the inside of the rooms beautifully decorated in 60s style the norwegian way.

Jenny, my Norwegian friend, and Giuseppe, her boyfriend who is Italian, are unique personalities, enthusiastic travellers of the world, and really warm people. All this is their creation, not the building or the interior, but the soul, warmth and love that lives in here and is noticeable to everyone that walks through the door. It is true that people make the places, and this is a great example of how you can give part of yourself to something and turn it into a revolutionary act. It doesn’t have to follow the way others do it and the common expectations of those who receive it. It can be a little piece of heaven, where things work according to our desires and needs. Where it is rewarding to offer and also to receive.

Being in nature is really good for me,  I can tell from my mood, and the clarity in my skin and eyes. Also working hard is extremely beneficial for me, simple physical work that makes you tired and satisfied before going to bed and calling it a day. As Chuck Palahniuk, the author of «Fight Club» notes in his afterword of the book, «Being tired isn’t the same as being rich, but most times it’s close enough»‘.

Yoga practice on the other hand is a little bit challenging, because of little time and a lot of fatigue… I’m happy and inspired to be practicing next to Jenny, and sharing the same challenges and joys. Practice is sweeter, much more needed, when you don’t have it for granted, but have to fight for it.

Miss one day of practice and then you realise how balancing, relieving and strengthening it is for body and mind. Starting the day with yoga and meditation brings you in touch with the quiet space within you, the ground where you can step on to face the demands of the day without wasting energy, but using your energy and capacities in the best possible way.

Until going back to an empty and hot Athens city, I will enjoy every little breath of fresh air and every little glimpse of beauty all around…